NFL season is just around the corner, and while you might be psyched to see your favorite players returning, there’s one thing not coming back. The NFL has decided to ban the use of customized facemasks. Only players who have medical clearance will be allowed to use such customization, but for players who just want it for style are shit out of luck.

Former Giants player Chris Canty, who’s now with the Baltimore Ravens, is allowed to wear his customized masks to further prevent injury. “I invented it. We developed something that can keep hands out of my face, so it wouldn't detach my retina again” he said according to a tweet by @Raveninsider. Another player who’s also not part of the ban is his former Giant’s teammate Justin Tuck. As for Arizona Cardinals’ Darnell Docket and the Indianapolis Colts’ Robert Mathis, you can expect them to go back to their regular grills.

It’s crazy to see the NFL ban such a minor detail while there are other issues like improving player safety and lessening concussions to work on. As far as we can see, these Bane-like masks that players use on the grill of their helmets aren’t hurting anyone. They further promote the players “cool” factor more than anything, which in turns attracts more viewers to the game. Isn’t that the whole goal? Oh, and one more thing you won’t be seeing this year are touchdown celebrations. No wonder some critics are calling it the No Fun League. Pretty soon it’s going to be reduced to just two-hand touch football. Thanks for being boring, NFL.

[via Bleacher Report]