Jay Z's new Anthony Mandler-directed "Holy Grail" video, which premiered exclusively on Facebook, continues in the overall theme of Magna Carta Holy Grail and his previous, art world-centric video, "Picasso Baby." Instead of name-dropping art staples like Picasso, Basquiat, Art Basel, and Christie's on "Holy Grail," Jay Z raps about the downfalls of fame and how easy it is to lose yourself in the opulence and volatility. What might not be so obvious are the amount of visual references to the darker lyrics in the song about death, destruction, and mortality. From the painting depicting The Fall of Icarus in the background to Justin Timberlake's still life-adorned table, here are 6 Art References in Jay Z's "Holy Grail" Video that may have you rethinking the meaning of the song and visual.

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