Portland is a hotspot for those who want to live a quality lifestyle—or you know, the butt of hipster jokes. Regardless of the Portlandia associations, the city is known for serving things that are great, whether it's food, beer, or in Danner's case: boots.

Brands such as Danner have been outfitting the men who work in the woods with the best boots for a long time, and they're still making its boots right in the West Coast city. Portland has a rich logging history, and the brand's Stumptown collection celebrates Portland's heritage. It features boots that are great for working in the woods or hanging around downtown and eating chorizo frittatas.

Included in the fall/winter 2013 collection are four different models: the Danner Light Timber, Mountain Light Timber, Forest Heights, and the Forest Heights Piedmont. They'll all look great with a bunch of wear, or a pair of worn-in raw denim.

Shop the collection here.