UNIONMADE just dropped a collection of boys clothing called Alex Mill. Flannels, napped chambray, crewneck sweaters, sailor sleeves, a fucking sack coat—this shit is dope. Do you have some cool ass little kids in your life? I don’t have any kids of my own, but if I did, part of me would be such a sucker for gear like this. Well, except the cashmere beanie. Say my kid was all, "Daddy, I want that beanie.” I’d have no choice but to hit back with, “Oh, you want a cashmere beanie? Fuck you. You still grab your dick when you have to go to the bathroom instead of just saying you gotta go. Stop doing that and we’ll talk cashmere beanies.” But on the real, your kid wants a sweet Nerf gun or sneakers that light up when you walk as oppose to this mini Americana stuff. Children truly are designed to disappoint you.