Check out the above video, and maybe a few more, and then let's reconvene back here.

You good? Sufficiently blown away? MORGAN VON STEEN GONNA GET SIGNED TO G.O.O.D. MUSIC, FAM. She’s already got a great rap name. Anytime your name has "Von" in it, I assume your family has summer, winter, spring and fall homes. Plus, an apartment in Manhattan for when you want to get some shopping done. Having a name that’s already associated with wealth is pretty much a rap prerequisite these days.

Your first instinct is probably to mercilessly and unrelentingly slanderize this girl and her fashion editor raps because you're a soulless piece of shit. BUT FUCK YOU. I’ve seen your tweets with another #menswear-based lifeforms, exchanging "bars". Your shit's hella weak. You’ve got to totally respect the earnestness and dedication homegirl has to the art of fashion journalism. Just read her story about meeting ELLE Creative Director Joe Zee for the first time. She was in NYC with her GIRL SCOUT TROOP. She was 13-YEARS-OLD AND RECOGNIZED A FASHION EDITOR ON THE SUBWAY.

Laugh now, but in, like, five years this girl is going to be emailing your fashion industry "insider" idiot girlfriend with subjects like: “Did you get that assignment done yet, Jessica? Your HEDs need a lot of work.” Apparently, these raps are most definitely working because Morgan is already interning at NYLON and Fashionista. What have you done with your life lately? We're riding with A$AP Von Steen until the motherfucking wheels fall off.