One knows that "with great power comes great responsiblity," and one knows that "fashions fade, but style is eternal." Both are equally passionate about their hobbies. The hardcore comic geek and men's style nerd may look drastically different, but the two couldn't be more similar. With San Diego Comic Con just finished, men's market week is starting up in New York, and we noticed tradeshows like Capsule are beginning to feel a lot more like comic conventions themselves.

Whether it's drooling over limited-edition goods with outrageous prices, or having an intense dedication to creators who really understand where you're coming from, the similarities between the style-conscious and the pop culture-obsessed are as uncanny as The X-Men. To borrow a line from Stan Lee, "Face front, true believer!" Here are 10 Things Menswear Nerds and Comic Nerds Have In Common.

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