Like something straight out of National Geographic, this past weekend saw the mass migration of thousands of comic book geeks, movie buffs, and TV addicts to the San Diego Convention Center for the annual San Diego Comic-Con. What started out in 1970 as a humble convention for comic book fans to score some rare books and interact with their own kind has now turned into a 460,000 square-foot marketing showcase, where every self-respecting publisher and movie studio pushes their future projects to generate buzz and create further brand awareness.

Featuring exclusive trailers, mega announcements, and celebrity guest appearances, Comic-Con has become the preeminent celebration of all things geek. And as the entertainment industry has embraced the superhero and sci-fi genres over the years, movie studios have poured serious cash into making sure their presence is felt at the largest convention of the year.

However, the downside to the Con growing into an international sensation is that tickets have become increasingly scarce, sometimes selling out in a matter of days. Even if you’re lucky enough to actually get into the convention center, sometimes the lines to see all of the exclusive footage from your most anticipated movie and TV show is too daunting to even to even attempt.

That’s where we step in. For everyone who didn’t want to brave the cramped convention hall, complete with its curious odors, masses of perspiring cosplayers, and overcooked hot dogs, we’re here to give you the highlights of the weekend’s biggest developments with our list of 10 things we learned from the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con. From blockbuster superhero announcements to epic trailers and an animated crossover that should have comedy fans drooling onto their keyboards, this was a convention that actually lived up to the hype.

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