If you still think Disney is for kids, you're missing out. How Do I Put This Disney uses moments from Disney animations to cleverly describe real life situations. When words are just not enough, Disney moments can be the next best way to express yourself. The characters' facial expressions and physical gestures can sometimes express our emotions better than we can. Scroll down to see how many of these GIFs perfectly capture a day in your own life.

"When you're about to kiss a hottie then you sober up"

"That moment when you realize your friend is way more intoxicated than you"

"Pigging out after the gym"

"How I feel about food after the bar"

"When I set my sights on someone who is probably out of my league"

"When I send a text to the wrong person"

"Those friends who always find something wrong about themselves in photos"

"How I look after doing a tequila shot"

[via How Do I Put This Disney]