Dr. Huxtable aka Bill Cosby wore plenty of knits during 200 episodes and eight seasons of The Cosby Show. Picking a favorite is like a parent choosing a favorite child. Well, just two weeks ago the sweaters were pit against each other in a tournament style bracket competition to see which would win. It was left up to the fans to choose their favorites.

Thirty-two sweaters and five nail biting voting stages later, fans have chosen their favorite knit. The winner is, which many of you might have chosen, a graphic knit of featuring competitive track runners running across the chest. It looks like something out of a Ralph Lauren 1992 Polo collection, but everyone knows this was way before that time. 

Bill Cobsy himself didn’t expect such a big response. He breaks down why he wore those sweaters in all those episodes, and he even gives a shout out to the original sweater designer, Koos van der Akker. Break out the Jell-O and watch the clip below.


[via Bill Cosby]