Websites can be surprising at times, you never really know what you’re going to get when you type in the web address and press enter. Are you going to get lost in a wormhole of information or will the page guide you directly to where you need to go? For Stone Island’s newly revamped website, it’s the latter.

Broken down into five sections you can either learn more about the brand through its vast content or go straight to the shopping section, which is powered by the almighty Yoox. Trust us, even Wikipedia won’t have this much info on the brand. Plus there’s media content including video and pictures to go along with it. Other sections include news, collections, and Stone Island 30—specially dedicated to the brands anniversary page.

Obviously when you have an easy to navigate website that engages the customer; you can bet people are going to stick around longer. And SI has definitely strengthened its new page with plenty of editorial content to get your learn on. Check out the Stone Island website and get lost for a couple hours.