I don’t know where you live, but in my neighborhood it was hot as fuck yesterday. It’s the part of the summer that just inundates you with levels of humidity that your friends in San Francisco can’t even fathom. They’re like, “Oh man, it was 68 degrees and foggy again today.” Meanwhile, we’re out here walking into solid walls of hot, sticky moisture all fucking day. I NEED TO MOVE TO THE SAN FRANCISCO. Except I’m terrified of Earthquakes. Seriously, TERRIFIED. I don’t know how you could function in a city that sits atop a crack in the Earth’s crust. So, I just suffer through incredibly swampy summers. Thank god for shirts like this seersucker shirt from WTaps made with Coolmax technology. I don’t even know if all this Coolmax shit even works, but I’m hoping for a placebo effect at the very least.