The image of a shopping mall is a bunch of overweight people helplessly consuming clothes on discount and a shit load of calories. But what if we told you that being a shopper is one of the healthiest things you can do? 

Daily Mail is reporting that British women walk up to 180 miles per year on shopping excursions, or the equivalence of almost seven marathons. Added up, that's burning off 15,000 calories on shopping alone.

However, the temptation of shopping also brings about the urge for people to binge on unhealthy food, with 10 percent of shoppers consuming upwards of 1,000 calories per trip.

If you want to stay sample size, shopping might be the best thing for you—if you can keep your mind and mouth off grease-dripping content of the food court or the hip place that serves fried pork belly near your downtown destination.

[via Daily Mail]