We told you about the 40-foot-high sculpture in Marfa, TX that Playboy decided to construct. Well, the Texas Department of Transportation said that Playboy has 45 days to get rid of it. The sign, which stands in a town called Marfa in West Texas, has to be removed because the TDT said Playboy doesn't have a license for outdoor advertisement in the state.

Officials representing Playboy said that the sign wasn't breaking any laws and would try to get the matter resolved, according to the El Paso Times. The sign was initially reported by Marfa resident Lineaus Lorette who totally snitched on the company. "I thought it was a sign — a corporate logo. And in Texas you can't put up signs without permits," Lorette said. "I checked and it didn't have a permit so I filed a complaint."

Lorette did admit that she debated whether or not to tell on the company, but people of the city felt it was simply for marketing. "I was really ambivalent. It's a beautifully made sign," Lorette said. "The problem is that it's a sign. The rules have to apply to everybody."

PR Consulting, a firm that works for Playboy said, "the art installation by Richard Phillips violates any laws, rules or regulations. Our legal counsel is currently looking into this matter and we hope to resolve this issue satisfactorily and as quickly as possible." It sounds like the issue is whether or not the sign qualifies as art or as advertisement. This one is difficult to call.

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