Pigalle has an undeniable cool that permeates through every aspect of the Parisian brand. That's why stylish celebrities such as A$AP Rocky and Rihanna have picked up on the label. It's not a hype brand that throws itself out there with the dream and hope to blow up—in fact, it's the complete opposite. There's a leisurely approach to style and stunting displayed by Pigalle, and its spring/summer 2014 "runway" show is a prime example of this philosophy.

This wasn't a large-scale production with well-known rappers, celebrities, and fashion editors sitting ringside. Instead, it brought a lookbook to life, and models waltzed their way around a fountain in Paris while dressed in cozy, drapey, and printed garments that blur the line between streetwear, menswear, and high fashion.

Still, there's a tasteful restraint within the pieces. Although some will rush and call this collection "next level," a closer inspection shows that everything is surprisingly wearable—and with the slightest effort, whoever dons these pieces is soon-to-be street-styled.

Watch the video below to see a backstage glimpse of the show.