Surfing is a big deal this season with fashion brands riding the wave and releasing surf-inspired collections. But those who know it better than most are brands that have been in the surfing biz since the beginning. Katin USA is one of them. The brand has been around since 1959, but they are still one of best surf brands today.

The latest release comes in the form of a vintage-style board shorts and volleyball hats in collaboration with Santa Monica Pier. Because, if you aren’t riding waves you might as well be playing volleyball with some beach bunnies. The hat actually isn’t a random ad-on. Next to surfing, Santa Monica has a rich volleyball history, and the hats are tribute to the original beach volleyball scene.

Each piece comes in totally bitchin’ colors that will get you noticed miles past the boardwalk. To get your hands on these rad items, visit the Santa Monica Pier website to purchase.