Roots: Founded in 1959 by Watler and Nancy Katin in Surfside, CA.

While M.Nii may have invented surf trunks, Katin was not far behind in making the item a necessary piece in the surfing world. In 1959, Walter Katin created a pair of trunks made from boat cover canvas for a local surfer, and the Katin business took off. Soon every surfer up and down the West Coast was rocking trunks, but Walter and his wife Nancy cared more about their local boys to focus on becoming a huge brand.

Recently, Katin has kept up the low-key offerings that define Cali beach style. The gear is bright without being harsh, and comfortable without becoming sloppy. When Walter and Nancy left the business to an employee who had been with them since 1961, the OG philosophy of forgoing maximum profits in order to take care of the local shredders remained.