As San Diego Comic Con grows near, the pop culture world is being flooded with teasers and reveals from every corner of geekdom. Mondo has been revealing the prints that they will have for sale at this year's Con via several websites. Slashfilm got the exclusive reveal of a print that we are probably most excited for: Olly Moss' Howl's Moving Castle.

Released in 2004 by Studio Ghibli, the English-dubbed version of Howl's Moving Castle (Hauru no ugoku shiro) featured the voice talents of Christian Bale,  Lauren Bacall, Josh Hutcherson (yes, Peeta Meelark), and Billy Crystal, to name a few. It appeared in the top ten lists of many film critics, was nominated for Best Animated Feature at the Academy Awards, and remains one of the highest grossing Japanese films of all time. Shame on you if you haven't seen this great film.

Check out Slashfilm for more information about the print, high quality images, as well as a full rundown of all of Mondo's Comic Con releases including Drew Struzan's The Dark Tower, Martin Ansin's Conan the Barbarian, and Kevin Tong's Spirited Away.

[via Slashfilm]

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