ETQ Amsterdam has started to rise in the luxury sneaker game. The brand doesn't overdo any of its designs, and strips each model down to what the consumer really wants: a well-made sneaker that can be worn with any ensemble. They make it easy for any dedicated sneakerhead to upgrade their style. Literally, any person you just wants a better-made (and looking) sneaker can pull these off.

For fall/winter 2013, the brand returns with a mix of high-and low-top models that feature suede uppers, leather laces, and contrasting white midsoles. Solid, versatile colors like tans, grays, and muted reds go with anything, and we're feeling their interpretation of a thick-soled field boot. Combine the supple materials with Portuguese craftsmanship, and you get the simple combo that separates its models from the competition. Visit the brand's website for further information.