It’s full blown summertime out there and girls are wearing those wildly high-waisted denim cutoffs they wear when it’s rooftop BBQ time. Does anyone really rooftop BBQ or is it a phenomenon that exists only in the world of industry parties, Instagram and reruns of The O.C.? Do girls really lie on towels on top of hot tar and cement roofs and eat hot dogs and drink forties and wear headbands and give peace signs in photos? The only rooftop party I’ve ever been to got cancelled because it was pouring out. I did see a bunch of girls in high-waisted cutoffs though, so I guess it counts. Anyways, whether or not people actually have legit rooftop summertime jams is irrelevant because whether you’re on roof or at ground level, you need to protect your eyes from the searing gaze of the sun. And to do so, you can either wear a bucket hat or sunglasses. If you're not a bucket hat kind of dude buy some sunglasses from Han Kjobenhavn. They’re even on sale.