Although Americans sure love their beer, this campaign was made for Canadians. Creative agency Rethink has created a promotion for Molson Canadian, installing a series of specially designed beer fridges that only allow Canadian citizens to access the chilled goodness inside. Following the company's release of plantable coasters last year, the project marked a new milestone in creative campaigning.

The red refrigerators bearing the brewery's maple leaf logo were placed in various outdoor public locations throughout Europe, and displayed the text, "Canadians scan your passport to open fridge." As pedestrians in areas including Canterbury, the White Cliffs of Dover, London, Northern France, Cassel, Brussels, and rural Belgium attempted to unlock the doors without any luck, Canadians were put in the spotlight. Summoned by those who were desperate for the missing key, Canadian citizens scanned their passports to achieve the amazing effect of the fridge automatically popping open, providing the crowd with much-anticipated beers. As Canada Day marked the beginning of July, the fridges were another way for Canadians to celebrate national pride.

Watch the campaign in action below:

[via PSFK]