By now, A$AP Rocky's obsession with Rick Owens is well-documented, but as of late, we've seen the Harlem rapper tone-down his high fashion look and wear more and more streetwear. Still, Rocky didn't forget his love for the American designer who lives in Paris; he even gets the designer's most hyped gear early, too.

The Internet went wild when it was confirmed that Rick Owens was designing a running sneaker for adidas, and when the first image released of the space age jawnz, fans were still surprised. But, if you're a risk-taker like Rocky, you revel in the opportunity to sport pieces like this. And that's exactly what he did, getting his hands on the sneakers that don't release until spring/summer 2014 way, way before everyone else—as he posted an Instagram of the all-black pair on-foot.

Now that you've seen someone sport these kicks, what are your thoughts?

[via asvpxrocky]