The Lady Shore House B&D, an all-female communal apartment unit, in Osaka, Japan is charging rent based on weight to encourage women to attain better bodies. For every 2.2 lbs, about 1,000 yen (roughly $10) is reduced from the resident's rent. Accordingly, rent is increased for weight gain. 

The Otaku Kokka, a Japanese news website, reports that all residents are asked to step on a scale every three months. Rent is then calculated by multiplying the person's weight in kilograms by 1,000 yen, plus a 38,000 yen floor price. 

"Since the rent is lower if you lose weight, we thought overweight people would be coming to live here, what we found out that many people who already have a great body come here," the Broad Enterprise Administrator told the Associated Press. The two dozen girls who come to live at this facility are just looking to maintain their figure.

We've heard of countries, such as Denmark and Hungary, introducing a tax on foods high in sugar or fat to promote healthier bodies, but never a program quite like the Lady Shore House B&D's. 

Do you think this could work? Or do you think this just sends the wrong message about body image?

[via Huffington Post]