The three time Super Bowl champion New England Patriots are doing all they can to sever ties with Aaron Hernandez. They released him from the team as well as cleared any information about him on their website. Fans are also welcome to exchange their Hernandez jerseys for another Patriots jersey. The price? Free-99. But there are others who are making cold hard cash from this whole situation.

Former fans, entrepreneurs, or people who just don’t want to be associated with an alleged murderer are making big bucks off the former NFL tight end’s jersey. One fan thought he was going to get $15 dollars for the uniform, but the auction for his eBay listing ended at $289. A quick search for Aaron Herandez jerseys on eBay show that autographed ones are going upwards of $1,000 plus. Of course this shouldn’t be a total shock—collectors love to have backstories for their prized items.

The past two weeks have not been looking good for the former Patriots player. The NFL tight end has been arrested and charged for the murder of semi-professional football player Odin Lloyd whose body was found just minutes away from his home. On top of that, he was also charged with five gun-related crimes. He has also been denied bail during his first court hearing. It’s safe to say that if he is found guilty, he will spend a very long time in jail. His story seems like the perfect storm for those who strictly deal and collect “murderabilia.” The prices might even go higher if he's convicted.

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