Shouts to MB for this drug rug. If you were a cool undercover cop trying to bust drug dealers (i.e. not a very cool cop at all) you would wear this joint and head straight to a Phish concert. Or whatever the modern equivalent of a Phish concert is. What would that even be? My friends and I used to go to the parking lot of Phish concerts just to buy really good weed. If you found the right hippie, he’d just give you some dank pro bono because he was "feeling the good energy off you" or some other ridiculously half-baked logic. But, whatever you do, don’t EVER go into a Phish concert—that’s the kind of drug you need to stay away from. But for real, what is the modern equivalent of a Phish concert? Probably some stupid EDM DJ or something, right? Like, ain’t NOBODY got good drugs at The National concert. Those types of dudes are high on introspection and obscure lyrical references.