It's hot and humid out, so if we're cooking in a kitchen, it best be with someone as cool and attractive as model Jourdan Dunn. Wale knows what we're talking about. It feels like it's been forever since the images first leaked of the rapper and Dunn linking up to get their chef on, but the full-length video is finally here. Keeping up with the summertime vibe, Dunn and Wale cooks up some Caribbean barbecue chicken. 

Dunn and Wale also talk about his new album and the thought process behind the project. "I want to step up the musicality of the whole thing," Wale tells Dunn. "Kind of like how you overdosed on the green stuff, but in a good way."

The green stuff, of course, is the herb rub marinade made for the chicken. But the flavor doesn't stop there—Dunn is brave enough to mix a scotch bonnet pepper and Sriracha into the barbecue sauce creating an extra-spicy concoction.

Dunn jokes that Wale isn't much of a help (it's true, he doesn't do much work in the kitchen), but he does make a cocktail at the end of the show that has the model grimacing. Let's just say it was a screech of joy? Watch the rest of the video above.

[via Life + Times]