Rapper's wear the darnedest things, don't they? Recent times have seen hip-hop artists go from simply slimming-down their pants to wearing skirts, dabbling with masks, and now, aprons? If Trinidad James is serving as a weather vane to see which direction hip-hop style is headed, then we can expect your favorite artists to dress like stay-at-home dads in the near future.

The all-gold rapper showed up to Atlanta's 107.9's Birthday Bash 18 in a black and paisley-print apron—shirtless, we mind you—that read, "Dope Boy Magic." We've seen that James has taken an interest in the fashion, even getting his hands dirty and co-designing a collection, but will he also be a trendsetter in barbecue swag, too? With Kanye referencing croissants, maybe James is trying to chef up some greatness. Let's see if this trend catches on—if you're feeling it right now, you can purchase it from the Dope Boy Magic brand's shop, here.

[via Hot Spot ATL]