Wildwood, NJ was in the news this week for something other than trying to crack down on underage drinking parties. The town's mayor, Ernest Troiano Jr., effectively put into act a ban on pants that sit more than three inches below the wearer's waist.

Apparently, the act, which could fine a wearer of said "saggy pants" up to $200 and 40 hours community service, has met mixed reactions. The Game, known for wearing is pants way below his waist, has called the ban "racist," TMZ reports. "Niggas should sag down to their socks out there," the rapper told the gossip site. "They trying to get people to not sag, please. Can’t tell people how to wear their fucking clothes. What time are we in? This ain't the fucking slave days. Fuck that."

The L.A. rapper even got "poetic" with his allegiance towards his outlaw style. "I am with the sagging movement. First five people to get fines, I will pay their tickets ... I will go there and sag cause I am a sagging Sagittarius," The Game said.

And he's not the only one who's taking offense to the town's legal spat with low-riding pants. Mac Miller and Bizzy Bone both expressed their disapproval, too. With Miller stating that he would sag his pants if he was in the town. "I just think that's ridiculous because no one has time to do that much community service. I sag and will sag anywhere I go," Miller said.

What all started off as a call for decency has now erupted into a hip-hop vs. Wildwood, NJ—or so it seems. When Troiano Jr. said, "I'm not one of the Fruit of the Loom underwear inspectors; I'm not one of the grapes. I don't want to see it," we're sure he didn't forecast this much backlash. He just wanted to protect the eyes of innocent children, right?

Let's just hope that this crew of dope emcees plans to throw a concert in Wildwood this summer, because that's more than enough reason to go "down the shore" for the weekend.

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