Let’s not play around, guys. The hyperboom of the Internet and Tumblr’s subsequent emergence as king amongst micro-blogging platforms has meant a new, golden age for fashunz. Specifically, menswear is more democratic than ever. While style bibles like GQ, Esquire and the Haus of Four Pins (first of our name) still hold sway in the court of the young go-hards, we’ve moved toward an age where anybody can learn how to dress well and, given the right socio-economic circumstances, achieve some semblance of #influencer status.

I’ve always been a rules guy, coming from a regimented Asian family (read: Kim Jong’s democratic funhouse), so it should come as no surprise that my initial exposure to menswear was something akin to a rote learned calculus exam with bear traps. And while it’s not good to become so heritage/rules/details orientated that you turn into some dank cavern dwelling old head—taking shots at all the yung lads out here just trying to live—remember that there are stylistic parameters to follow when building your very crispy, Ver-say-see draped temple. I may be paraphrasing here, but as someone much wealthier, savvier and talented than I once said, “You’ve got to know the rules to break them." Shoutout to some oft-quoted dude on Tumblr.

With that in mind, let’s turn our attention to one of the 21st century’s greatest democratic failures: LOOKBOOK.nu aka "how not to dress while interning at a relatively obscure internet menswear site." So, listen up, fashion victims, swag jackers and cornballs, because we’re about to make you half-famous. Everybody else, sit back and bask in the warm, radioactive glow of some good ol' fashioned schadenfreude.