We told you that Playboy installed a large-scale sculpture in Marfa, Texas displaying their trademark bunny. however we didn't know all the deets. Well Playboy has finally officially disclosed more information about the project. Playboy Marfa is a cultural initiative that has been developed with the help of contemporary artist Richard Phillips. The 20-foot by 13-foot neon sign stands on a plot of 6,500 square feet of land that Playboy is currently renting. 

The installation went up quickly, taking only three days to fully construct. It consists of the famous Playboy icon onto of a 40-foot pole and a 1972 Dodge Charger car sitting on top of a concrete block. The installation was revealed to big names in the art and fashion communities at a dinner at The Standard, High Line in NYC. Writer and artist Neville Wakefield is behind the work, who was reported as Playboy’s new creative director of special projects by T Magazine. 

It is Wakefield's second initiative launched on behalf of Playboy. He said, "As both an all-American roadside town and an art world mecca, Marfa occupies a particular place in the popular imagination.  Marfa provides the perfect backdrop to launch an artist car collaboration with one of America's most iconic brands." 

Below is a video of a hot girl walking around the sculpture.

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