Pharrell has been blessing us lately, whether it's with his song "Feds Watching" with 2 Chainz or photo confirmation that he's been cooking up something special with Justin Timberlake, NasTimbaland, and Jay-Z.

At an Independent Curators International dinner for Hans Ulrich Obrist last month, Pharrell reminded us what makes him so awesome to begin with—he's extremely positive and enlightened. On a note at one of Yoko Ono's famous Wish Trees, where visitors write down a wish and tie it to the tree, Pharrell wrote, "Wishing 4 all who seek to experience the shift of widespread illumination will have the inner stillness to share in the most momentous aspect of the ether. <3 Pharrell."

It's a pretty incredible wish for the world, especially those who seek being on that next level mentally. Thanks, P.

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[via TheNeptunes]