I’m such a fucking sucker for a crepe sole. I want to put one on everything. I wish I could put little crepe feet on my laptop instead of the bummy ass regular rubber Dell put on this struggletop joint I'm currently typing on. Back to the task at hand. Penny loafers are probably far from your mind right now, since you’re trying to figure out which sneaker on NikeID will look the most like the all red Yeezy II's. Just for the record, the last time I tried to make redrum Air Maxes, Nike forced you to put in at least one gray insert. IT’S NOT "ID" IF I CAN’T PICK A MONOCHROMATIC COLOR SCHEME AND PUT SOPHISTICATED CURSES ON THE HEELS OF MY SHOES, NIKE. Penny loafers however, will look so refreshing in the sea of artisanal sneakers that everybody just (re)discovered. Plus, the crepe sole will make them as comfortable as sneakers.