Imagine this scenario: You're going on a thrift store hunt, and you walk into a shop and see the greatest merchandise dangling from the ceiling. Hunt over, right? Not if you're shopping at Atlantis Attic in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The store has become known for displaying merchandise that customers can't purchase, and the reasoning behind it probably isn't like any other excuse you've heard before. Flying from the store's rafters are vintage Batman T-shirts, authentically-woven ponchos and garments from Central America, and even T-shirts with screen-printed images of the Pope—all gear that if it won't keep you fresh this summer, will certainly pull your heart's strings. And these garments do—for one of the store's employees.

The shop's manager, Antonio Flores, moved to Brooklyn from Guatemala eight years ago, and since then he has hung pieces that remind him of his home and childhood from the store's ceiling. Flores has an eye for some pretty great stuff, which ends up being a cruel joke for some folks who want to shop at his store.

"I offered him over $100 for it," one shopper said in reference to one of his vintage Batman T-shirts. Unfortunately, Flores won't budge. So if you go into his shop, and see something awesome it better be from one of the racks (not the ceiling) or else you're not going home with it. Sorry. But if you want a successful thrift this summer, here's some great advice.

[via DNA Info via Buzzfeed]