Everyone hates when someone bites their shit. It's human nature. Although imitation is the highest form of flattery, there's still a certain attitude a person gains when they find out someone copied their idea, or at least something they wear. 

Recently, a group of middle school students from China saw a Prada polo shirt that resembled their sky blue and white uniform that they wore on a daily basis. The students aren't calling out the Italian brand for copyright infringement or anything, but they surely feel their school's shirt bares too close of a resemblance to merely be a coincidence.

"Except for some details in he cuff and the front pocket. It does look a lot like one of our uniforms,"  one of the students said.

Even crazier,  the students' shirt goes for $5.70, while the luxury version retails for roughly $257. You do the math.


[via The Gloss]