So, some "scientists" got together in England to study the effects certain T-shirt graphics had on male attractiveness to females. Using a plain white tee as the control, they found that T-shirts printed with an upright "T" on the front make men 12% more attractive to women than if those same men wore T-shirts printed with an upside down "T". At first you might think this is a brilliant idea, considering you almost definitely choose your T-shirt every day based on what you think will get you laid, but, as it turns out, this entire thing is pretty fucking meaningless as far as I am concerned. Maybe women just found men not wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with an upside down "T" more attractive because anyone who wears a T-shirt that idiotic is obviously some kind of asshole. I'd also like to point out that taking this much time and money to research what garments effectively lure in the opposite sex is pretty fucking creepy.