Brooklyn We Go Hard has swiftly entered the menswear game, and, in a short time, made some of the coolest clothes out. The brand is able to introduce pieces that some of the most proper bros would wear, but with the noticeably less-pretentious vibe that is aired by more storied brands. Heritage is cool and all, but sometimes you want something that reflects the day's current style climate. Simply, what we're trying to is we can be a bunch of Hypebeast and be cool with it.

And what's better for declaring your Hypebeast nature than a sweater that was made in cahoots with Hypebeast? The French brand hooked up with the men's style site to take an extra cozy sweater and display the blog's name across the chest. Some might scoff at the idea of admitting you're Hypebeast. But if you could give two shits about other people's opinions, it's time for you to waive your hype-mongering freak flag. Plus, the garments hand-stitched vibe will score you extra steez points. It is now available from Hypebeast's e-shop.

[via Hypebeast]