Hong Kong is famous for its skyline and severely cramped living spaces, but there are also lots to look forward to outside and below those big buildings. Even though it’s web based, BKRM is another retailer that adds to this international city’s thriving shopping scene.

For its debut summer 2013 editorial, the shop hits the streets to show off the bustling city and the tightly edited selection of goods that stock BKRM's shelves. The retailer gets photographer Adrian Mesko to shoot the looks and Pigalle’s Zohaer Majhadi for creative direction. Models rock the latest ogle-worthy goods from brands including Givenchy, BWGH, Still Good, and Etudes Studio. Book a plane ticket and visit Hong Kong for the scenery. But to get these goods, just hit up the BKRM website to purchase and get it delivered to your door for free.