No one is perfect and we all do things sometimes we wish we hadn't, yet when it comes to shopping there is a special, potent brew of malcontent and general fuck me-ness one can feel about their decisions. You may commonly know this feeling as buyer's remorse. Often associated with full-blown shopping addictions, buyer's remorse goes hand in hand with the very reasons we think we want to buy something to begin with—namely, the false promises of admiration from our peers (Instagram likes) and the vague, digestible sense of danger that comes with spending beyond our means. Because we at Four Pins care about you so goddamn much and don't want to see you get evicted (bro, the WiFi is terrible out here in these streets and then you won't be able to visit the site religiously), let's look at 10 easy ways to know that the purchase you're about to make is going to be one filled with regret.