Public School is another of those brands that I wish I was cool enough to wear. It’s made in New York with Japanese fabrics, is oft-styled by the Darth Revan (look it up, frat brahs) of streetwear + tailoring, Emperor Eugene Tong, and just gives off that "I'm clearly cosmopolitan and superior to you" vibe we’re all going for. Sadly, I’m not cool enough to wear this cardigan jacket, but I bet there’s some intrepid Four Pins readers out there who could sport this in their next WIWT/WAYWT/OOTD banger complete with Saint Laurent jeggings and Dick Ovens rocket boots. Besides, nobody really cares how you dress in Australia, unless you’re from Melbourne, and that’s because they’re all "metrosexuals" over there, mate. We just getting that word here btw.