Before diving into the latest offering from Korean brand Tailorable & Co, let’s just holla at all the East Asian labels out here beasting shit. From United Arrows to Ring Jacket, from Wooyoungmi to Kai-Ackermann, Asian designers have been proving time and time again that their products can stand on their own. If you can get past the cultural (and monetary) barrier, there’s a whole new level of menswear out here in the mystic Orient. Hell, even Meermin and Suitsupply proudly put their faith in their Asian manufacturers, so now we're official out here breaking barriers, baby.

Despite heavy competition, I can say that Tailorable & Co is fast becoming my most reblogged and most hyped brand for 2013. Based out of Seoul, South Korea—"nice Korea," as a shawty I know would say—Tailorable is all about Italian influenced, eminently wearable all points clothing. The brand sells everything from accessories to MTM suiting and there’s not a single bit of filler. Their S/S 13 collection bears no tacky gimmicks or forced references—jawnz so eternal your son could wear them, even as he disappoints his way through grad school.

A substantial amount of Tailorable & Co’s ready to wear options are made with both Zegna and Ariston cloth—baller status fabrics for only the finest of gentlemen callers. Additionally, provided you brush up on your Korean, dongsaeng, Tailorable provide international shipping so you can grab some of that unattainable, very exotic, very rare menswear in whatever corner of the world you’re currently wasting away in. The only reason I haven’t bough every item from this collection is because I know it will all get confiscated at Australian customs because they think it will give everybody here some sort of Asian flu virus. Fucking racists.