In-store dining is nothing new for Ralph Lauren, and for its tenth NYC location, customers can eat before or after shopping the store. The Fifth Avenue location with the added restaurant will be a Polo flagship shop—also a first in NYC—with 35,000 square feet of space carrying those cherished embroidered pony items.

Ever since closing up Rugby to expand its portfolio, RL has been seeing green on the profit margin. A new Denim & Supply location was recently opened, which was also a first for NYC. But since you already know what Polo and D&S offer, what can you expect from its restaurant?

Well, just expect the interior to look like an Ivy League clubroom with leather bound chairs and framed paintings lining the walls. And if the menu is similar to the brand’s other restaurants, we can anticipate prices from $7 to $47 per plate. Get familiar with pronouncing items on the menu like Tuna Niçoise, Bouillabaisse, and Charcuterie so you’ll sound like a pro when you order.

[via NY Racked]