Gun control is a complicated subject. Recent events suggest that we need to have more discussions about the topic with full aggression, however the federal government seems afraid to move on the subject. To help generate more discussion, Michael Murphy has made a thought-provoking, provocative installation called "Damage."

The artist created an assault rifle out of 1,200 suspended ping-pong balls that were painted black. It is actually a beautiful installation that also stands as a metaphor for the gun control debate. If you look at the installation from one angle, you see the rifle but when looked at from another, the project just looks like a bunch of balls hanging from the ceiling. The physical arrangement of the project is meant to comment that perspective plays a large role in the matter.

“Guns are fetishized in the U.S.,” Murphy said to Times Free Press. “Many, many Americans love guns. I’m creating a giant gun. I just want people to keep talking about guns [and] why we should have guns. Communication is necessary because I don’t see any sort of solution being proposed.”

The work is currently being shown at AVA through June 29. After the show, it will be in the artist's gallery in NYC. Below is a video showing the installation from different angles.

[via RYOT]