The Artist Is No Longer Present.

Yes, it's true: Performance artist, downtown royalty, and big James Franco fan Marina Abramović has gone ahead and sold her awesome pool house (which appears very good for, among other things, staring at people) to Givenchy creative director (and Jay-Z and Kanye West's personal album-cover designer) Riccardo Tisci for $3.06 million.

As Curbed notes, the townhouse is located on King St. between Varick and Sixth Avenue in SoHo, and apparently the place is going for such a (relatively) low price because it's configured as a two-family unit. But know this:

- Marina Abromovic just sold this place for $3.06 million.
- Last year, Marina Abromovic purchased a loft on Grand Street for $3.2 million.
- Last month, Marina Abromovic purchased a $2.65 million loft in SoHo.

In the last year, Marina Abromovic has conducted somewhere around $8.9 million in real estate transactions. So if you ever thought the market for performance art wasn't exactly a profitable one, my god, think again. 

Also, because we like you, Complex has taken the time to create a potential rendering of what Riccardo Ticsi could potentially do with the joint. See below:

Riccardo? You're welcome

[via Curbed, which apparently Scott Disick is a commenter on?]