On April Fool's Day, we joked that Givenchy's Riccardo Tisci would design new uniforms for the MTA. If only we knew the designer would actually venture off into new design avenues. In interesting, but not all that surprising news, Tisci is now a ballet costume designer—for guys. Tisci was enlisted for Opéra de Paris' production of Boléro, and designed skeleton-like dresses for the dancers that are made from sheer fabric and contain embroidered bones. However, Tisci wasn't the only A-list talent involved in the production; Marina Abramovic designed the set and scenography. 

This isn't just a one-off deal for Tisci, believe it or not, this has always been his ambition. "It is one of the dreams of a designer to design costumes for a ballet," Tisci told Vogue UK. "I have had offers in the past from many other big theatres and operas, but I never felt ready. When this one came along, I felt that it was the moment to say yes."

Tisci is one of the biggest reasons the skirt became one of menswear's largest trends. But it would take a different type of dandy to dare don one of the designer's ballet costumes in public. Who do you think will be the first rapper to try?

[via Vogue UK]