Currently a large sparkling structure is being constructed at 388 Bridge Street, near Fulton Mall in Brooklyn. The structure is now taller than the Brooklyner, making it the tallest building in the borough. We wanted to give you a closer look at the building, just in case you were planning on sniffing around it.

It was designed by SLCE Architects, who is also constructing Queens' highest standing residential building. From the images above, you can see some of the façades, the interiors, and a view of its dominance in comparison to surrounding architecture. The building is slated to have 53 stories containing 378 units (234 as rentals and 144 spaces for condos). It will also have four areas designated for retail on the ground level.

Rentals may happen any day now for the structure that stands out in a big way. However, it may not be a lonely giant for long; apparently close by the Avalon Willoughby West will start construction and is planned to topple the 600-foot mark.

[via Curbed]