A History of the Bucket Hat

Earl Sweatshirt (2012)

As Gilligan's Island was to Gilligan, so was Samoa to Odd Future's resident rapscallion. Earl Sweatshirt returned from his island reprogramming stint rocking a bucket hat in the shadowy video for "Chum," then popped up at this year's Grammy Awards wearing a chin-strap style formerly favored by 2Pac. In a piece on the bucket hat resurgence, writer Julianne Escobedo Shepherd referenced a summer 2012 tweet by Earl: "Me sagan left brain n juan Take credit for bucket hats." Given hip-hop's storied bucket hat tradition, this seems like a willfully ahistorical claim, though perhaps Earl was simply saying that you can pay in credit for a $70 bucket hat at the Odd Future store.

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