HEY, YOU GUYS! Do I have your attention? You're full, undivided attention? Because what I am about to tell you is paramount. I think I just found something even better than the Lookbook TV show. IT’S POKEMON CARDS FOR #MENSWEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The game, Style Wars: A Trump Card Game, is absolutely fucking ridiculous. It takes a bunch of menswear designers, collections and accessories and ranks them in a bunch of categories like "Vintage Resale Value," "Timeless Appeal" and, my personal favorites, "Boardroom Kudos" and "Seduction Factor". Like, THIS JUNYA FIELD JACKET HAS A BOARDROOM KUDOS FACTOR OF ZERO BECAUSE OF ALL THE PLAID AND LEATHER INSERTS, BUT ITS SEDUCTION FACTOR IS OFF THE CHARTS! If I come to market week and no one is playing this game outside of Capsule I’m gonna be so fucking pissed and you can plan on me officially quitting this #menswear shit for good right then and there.