22. Tom Sachs

Label: Nike

Year: 2012

New York-based artist, Tom Sachs, introduced the world to his Space Program 2.0: MARS in May of 2012. Sachs' most recent Space Program incarnation was a fully embodied work. Fleets of workers inhabited the Park Avenue Armory space in New York City from May 16 to June 17. Men and women were dressed in full astronaut garb, and models of Mars Rovers, and extraterrestrial artifacts spanned the faux-NASA-headquarter space. In addition to living out a childhood fantasy of being an astronaut (especially without any chance of deep space death), Sachs took his collaborative creation a step further by having Nike join the league of forces propelling this dream of Space-on-Earth into reality. And thus NikeCRAFT was born, the line boasted original designs such as the "Mars Yard Shoe" and specially designed bags and outerwear for the collaboration. Product descriptions are littered with both clinical and far-out, playful language. One tote bag for sale by NikeCRAFT is described as "For everyday superheroes" and comes equipped with a thirty foot paracord, a grappling hooker, a pry bar and AAA batteries "(or drugs case)." Fanciful gestures like the latter butt up against scientific allusions to "JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)," and "vectran fabric from the Mars Excursion Rover airbags," and at times fail to describe anything to most civilians, but are still quirky and fun.