Yo, I’m not ever tryna be a philistine. And no shots fired across Inventory's bow because they sell Sassafras and Sassafras is fucking amazing. But this magazine is $300 dollars plus shipping. PLUS MOTHERFUCKING SHIPPING. Granted, it does have a signed Polaroid by Mark Borthwick. And wax drippings, ink stains and burns on the actual magazine itself. Would you make fun of pre-distressed True Religions if they came with a signed Polaroid by Mikael Kennedy? I WOULD. Although your girl that works at that "space" will probably flip her dour little head over this joint. Personally, I couldn’t buy this issue because all magazines end up in my bathroom and it would be hella weird if I was shitting next to a piece of art. IT WOULD KINDA BE LIKE A MARIA ABRAMOVIC PERFORMANCE INSPIRED BY DUCHAMP’S FOUNTAIN.