After their latest footwear drop, I’m starting to think that the gang over at Prada are all just really shitty at Super Mario Bros. 3. They’re fine at the being Italian/collecting coinage part, but the dudes fucking choke when they have to make three slices of a star match up. Prada does have that Game Genie guap and they clearly don’t care about your peasant status 1 Up!, but that hubris is absolutely messing with their shoe game. Admittedly, I don’t know shit about being a cobbler—I’m sure if you asked an expert like Danny Day-Lewis he’d tell you that it’s pretty similar to mashing the A button 3 times. First, they had that seven layer dip creeper, then it was the wingtip teabagging an Air Max 97 and now THIS. They’re calling it an "Espadrille Topsider Slip-On". I’m calling it WOW BROS CHILL THE FUCK OUT WITH THE CORNY ASS MASH-UPS AND JUST MAKE NORMAL SHOES FOR ONCE THANK YOU KINDLY.