We have talked about Henry Hargreaves and his fascination of using food in art a few times before. However, his "No Seconds" photograph series is a standout. For the project, he recreates the last meals of various serial killers on death row.

The series is really eerie, with many meals offering a look into their deranged minds. For instance, Timothy McVeigh only wanted mint ice cream as his final supper. John Wayne Gacy wanted KFC because he had been a manager of three KFC restaurants prior to conviction. It's rare for a piece of fried chicken to freak you out.

He said of his project: "I was reading about a campaign to abolish the last meal in Texas, so I went online and researched it. And as I was reading through these records, I felt that I could identify with these people for a brief moment just from what they ordered."

[via Vice]